Previously the Regional Personal Training Manager of East Anglia for One Lifestyle and now currently working with National Tennis Players and British Divers as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I train clients in Suffolk and Essex and offer a variety of training methods which are fun, exciting and fulfilling, whilst focusing on getting you the results you require in the shortest amount of time. I can train you from your home or elsewhere depending on availability.

I specialise in weight loss and I just recently completed a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning, while I also hold a degree in Sports Science with Professional Football Coaching. I hold the "Advanced SAQ trainer license", the highest qualification in speed, agility and quickness and have worked with numerous athletes from different sports. Previously a football coach with Tottenham Hotspur, I have first hand experience of the fitness training methods used at the elite level.

Most of my clients are people with various goals, which is why sessions are tailored to meet individual needs. My extensive studying has led me to study various subjects that are often utilised in training such as:

  • Advanced Sport, Exercise and Health Physiology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Training
  • Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Nutrition, Metabolism and Supplements
  • Resistance Training in Health and Disease
  • Functional Training and Rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention
"I have been studying sport, exercise and the fitness industry most of my life. I believe that everyone can enjoy getting fitter, healthier, slimmer or more muscular and surprise themselves with the amount they can achieve; given the right guidance and support. I love exercise, fitness and sport and especially like working outdoors!"

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Ben Panter

I'm a University graduate with a Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning and a Upper Second Class Honours Degree in Sports Science. I have worked with numerous athletes to improve their aerobic and anaerobic fitness and I have previously been a football coach with Tottenham Hotspur and Charlton Athletic.

I grew up in Sudbury, Suffolk and have been involved in health and fitness my whole life. While growing up I played competitive sports and has been a regular user of gyms since the age of 13. My growing interest in the world of sport and fitness led me to progress from A levels onto University to study Sports Science. This also led me to start my career as a football coach at the age of 18 and become a Personal Trainer.

Now 27, I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach with National Tennis Players and British Divers. I was previously the Regional Personal Training Manager for One Lifestyle in charge of a team of trainers across East Anglia and the North East. My experience and knowledge is being passed onto my clients to help them get to where they want to be. I spend most of my time with clients at different venues or working with elite athletes. Any spare time I have is spent with friends and family or training myself!


My mobile personal training brings all the necessary equipment to your home, work or local park.

I offer a range of services, from 1:1 Personal Training to wedding packages, that are all specifically tailored to suit you and your goals whilst taking into account your work schedule, commitments, dietary needs and lifestyle. Whether you are a housewife with dependant children or a professional working long hours in the city, I can accommodate your needs and play your session around your time constraints.

Training with me is not about mundane 1 to 1 sessions that lack enthusiasm!

I promise to deliver exceptional training and advice that is tailored to suit your goals. Whether it be an Online Personal Training plan, nutritional advice, or 1:1 Personal Training you desire, my expertise can guarantee results if you follow my advice and guidance. I will ensure that the training is packed full of fun variations that far exceed the ordinary tedious training.

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1:1 Personal Training

One to One 1:1 sessions with a highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainer where you, your goals and your lifestyle are the main focus.

1:1 Personal Training is available in your home, garden, gym or local park as I provide all the necessary equipment.

Personal Training is designed to help you realise your true potential and achieve your goals; whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get fit, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, or just to feel better in yourself and improve your quality of life. Personal training can be fun, varied and motivational. I will always make sure your on track no matter what it takes and give you all the support you need.

My clients consist of:

  • Stay at home mothers - who are unable to attend the gym due to having small children and limited time
  • Professionals - with long working hours who can only train before or after work
  • Athletes - Who want to train sport specifically to improve performance, agility, acceleration, endurance etc.
  • Individuals with low confidence - training in your own home is much less daunting and much more comfortable
  • Groups - who like to train together for enjoyment and increased motivation

Train smarter not harder.

Group Training

Group Training allows you to train with friends.

This can be the most cost effective way to train allowing you to encourage one another; increasing motivation and making your training a potentially more enjoyable experience. I am able to adapt each session to accommodate each individuals ability always ensuring you are working to your full potential.

Group training can be right for you if:

  • You and your friends have similar goals
  • You and your friends want to encourage each other with healthy eating and exercise
  • You want the results, enthusiasm and knowledge of a personal trainer but without the cost
  • You want to train in a social environment and share the experience

Health & Fitness Assessment

Health & Fitness Assessment measuring your height, weight, body fat percentage, circumference measurements and fitness levels.

If you are already training hard but want to measure or track progress a health and fitness assessment is the perfect solution.

Health and fitness assessments are also carried out before starting personal training and frequently throughout training to measure progress.

Online Personal Training

I can establish your goals, the equipment available to you, your current training consistency, your ability and experience and finally your nutritional goals all via 24/7 email and telephone communication. Online/Remote Personal Training is ideal for you if you want the support of a highly qualified personal trainer and nutrition advice, but without the cost.

I can advise you on everything you need* such as:

  • When and what you should be eating e.g. protein, fats, carbohydrates etc
  • How much sleep you should be getting per night
  • When to train and how long for
  • Recommended supplements, vitamins, isotonic drinks etc

Regardless of whether you are:

  • A Beginner - who is new to exercise and needs expert guidance
  • An Intermediate - who has some knowledge and experience but are stuck in a plateau, run out of ideas or want expert advice to push yourself further
  • An Expert - Who is looking for innovative ideas and new scientifically advanced methods of training for an event.

*Based on recommendations from studies, NHS, and other primary reliable sources of information.


My qualifications are as follows:

  • Strength and Conditioning MSc
  • Sports Science with Professional Football Coaching Honours Degree (2.1)
  • 4 A Levels & 13 GCSE's
  • International Diploma - Advanced Trainer License (SAQ)
  • P-Award (SAQ)
  • Sports Leaders Award
  • FA Level 1 & 2
  • FA Goalkeeper Level 2
  • Tag Rugby
  • Gymnastics level 2
  • Child Protection
  • First aid at work
  • SAFE trained

Completing within the next few months:

  • ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS from NSCA)
  • Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCC from UKSCA)
  • FA level 3 (UEFA 'B' badge)


Sally, Hedingham

I came across Ben by chance when searching online for a personal trainer. I wasn't expecting to find anyone as I live outside a small village and didn't think I'd find anyone nearby. I rang Ben quite apprehensively as I was quite out of shape and more than a bit embarrassed. Ben could not have been nicer on the phone so we agreed that he would come over to meet me and we'd have a chat and take it from there. That was 18 months ago and Ben is now a huge influence on my life and wellbeing. I did find things difficult at first. I am a 47 year old unfit mother of two; Ben is 26, in his prime and super fit! I thought I would die of embarrassment at my inability to do even one proper sit up but Ben was always so kind and patient and funny that I soon became completely at ease with him. Ben comes to my house twice a week; he is never late and is completely reliable. We have varied my training so much it's hard to remember all the things I now do. Ben regularly changes things around so it is never boring but also repeats things regularly so that I can see I'm improving and getting stronger and faster. We run, box, jump, skip, lift weights and work the core muscles. He has an amazing ability to absorb all my negativity or reluctance and push me beyond what I think I can do without ever being nasty or aggressive. He is also so well informed regarding diet and nutrition and there is nothing he doesn't know! Ben is extremely well qualified and a delightful young man. I am much fitter and stronger now and that is all down to Ben. He has become a positive part of my week and I thoroughly recommend him as an excellent personal trainer.

Paul, Bures

I am approaching 40 years old and contacted Ben nine months ago having done virtually no physical exercise for around 12 years. I have had an office job all my life and paid very little attention to my diet. My principle reason for contacting Ben was to lose weight, but my general fitness, wellbeing and diet have also dramatically improved in the last nine months, having lost three and a half stone and recently run two half marathons. Ben has been extremely motivational and educational on my journey, with a gently but firm approach. Ben manages to push me to the limit, with a pleasant manner and without the aggression often associated with Personal Trainers. During training, Ben and I often discuss my diet, alcohol consumption and running since the last session. I am very pleased with my decision to work with Ben and cannot recommend him highly enough to anybody considering enrolling a Personal Trainer.

Harry, Lamarsh

Thanks Ben for working with me to achieve the results I have so longed after. Ben comes highly recommended, he made each session through a variety of exercises and routines, while also knowing exactly what to say on those days you really lack motivation. Unlike working in a gym, Ben's approach grants the exerciser the one-on-one supervision to make sure techniques, rests and effort are optimised. Punctual and professional I'd recommend Ben to anyone who wishes to take their health and fitness to another level.

Charlie, Chelsworth

Ben has been my personal trainer for nearly 2 years now. He is an excellent trainer who really knows how to motivate me to get the best out of my exercise time. He's also a lovely guy. I can't recommend him too highly.

Jess, Colchester

I have worked with Ben now for nearly 3 years and will never let him leave. In that time, my body has changed completely through exercise and diet advice from Ben. My high blood pressure has also dropped dramatically due to the consistency of my training. All of my friends have commented on my appearance and it is only down to Ben, so many many thanks Ben. Jess

Sharon, Sudbury

As someone who hates the gym and has limited free time it was important to me that exercise be fun as well as productive. Ben is friendly, flexible and makes the sessions varied and always pushes me further than I would and the results are evident. I have lost weight and my fitness has improved

Natalie, Hedingham

Training with Ben has given me the confidence that I have always wanted with my body. I have had considerable changes within my body measurements and without Ben that wouldn't have happened! Ben Motivates me more than I could motivate myself in the gym. He pushes me to work to my full potential making me satisfied I have had a great workout!


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